Aquaponics 4 You Reviews

Aquaponics is the newest trend in today's gardening culture. Everyone is going crazy over it because it works and it is incredibly efficient. Haven't you ever wanted efficiency in raising fish and gardening your plants? This is definitely the right program for you, then.

What Is “Aquaponics 4 You” All About?

Hydroponics and aquaculture were combined to make Aquaponics.

Hydroponics is the art of growing plants directly in water. This can be done quite easily, but it involves adding plant nutrition to the water.

This can cost a lot of money. Also, the fruits and vegetables from these plants can have a distinctive “watery” taste to them.

Aquaculture is the art of raising fish. Fish need their tanks cleaned all the time and need the water filtered out from their natural waste.

Aquaponics combines these two fields into one basic program. The plants clean and detoxify the water, and they add minerals and clean oxygen to the water for the fish.

The fish provides waster materials which feed the plants with extra minerals. The result is a fully self-sustaining system that feeds both plants and fish.

All the extra work, money, and labor that goes into both systems are now eliminated by combining them together.

Who Created Aquaponics 4 You?

The originators came from the University of the Virgin Islands which decided that a system could be made to support both life systems. When they came up with aquaponics, the movement began.

“Aquaponics 4 You” is created by John Fay and it is the ultimate development of the easiest, most foolproof way to implement that system.

What Is Included In The Aquaponics 4 You Program?

When you buy, you will immediately receive a PDF download of the Aquaponics system. You will also get a DVD full of helpful videos delivered straight to your door. These two formats have the entire aquaponics system documented for and provided to you.

You should now be able to construct and put together an aquaponics system of your own and to have this in your home producing fish and plant life in abundance.

Your purchase also comes with six complimentary books: Organic Gardening for Beginners, Herbs for Health and Home, A Guide to Flower Gardening, Worm Farming: The World's Best Compost, Guide to Organic Cooking, and Eating Healthy. You will receive these files at the same time you purchase your aquaponics course.

How Does Aquaponics 4 You Work? Is It a Scam? What Do I Have to Do?

First, you will learn how aquaponics works. We will describe everything for you in full color and rich detail. Next, we show you step-by-step how to set up your aquaponics farm and start raising the best food in the world for your family. Last, we show you ways in which you can make your food and your money last as long as possible.

This is self-sufficiency in a bag.

After you are finished with your program, you can read the six included books on gardening, cooking, and composting through various methods. This will give you a lot of inspiration when planning your own private operation.

Pros and Benefits

  1. You get the knowledge of constructing a self-sustaining system
  2. You will receive a step-by-step how-to guide on constructing your aquaponics system from home
  3. You will learn the fun and interesting chemistry behind how your aquaponics system works
  4. We will include a ton of ideas about how to implement this system into your daily and weekly life
  5. We provide great ideas for feeding your family (without the expensive trip to the grocery store!)

With the included bonus books, you will learn:

  1. How to get into organic gardening and produce wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables for your family and buyers
  2. How to get into worm composting, one of the most lucrative and satisfying jobs in the world
  3. How to eat healthily and enjoy the fruits of your labor
  4. How to put your entire gardening and aquaponics system on autopilot

Who is the Ideal Candidate For Aquaponics 4 You?

If you are a gardener or have ever wanted to get into gardening, this is a great program for you. If you are hopeless with growing fish or plants and all your green things die away, this is the right program for you.

This system works even if you don't understand how plants and fish work. Separately, they both require a lot of upkeep and a deep intuitive knowledge of how to care for them.

Together, they satisfy and feed each other's needs and form a great example of teamwork! You will get the full knowledge of how this works with our program.

Does Aquaponics 4 You Work?

Yes, it does. Our testimonials include people who have never been good at gardening and who spent a lot of time and money on things they couldn't do.

The great thing about aquaponics is that even if you don't have it exactly right, there will still be dramatic results. You can then learn more and tweak your system to produce even better yields.

The result is quite dramatic, and you can feed your family very easily from our program. The more tanks and trays you build, the more widespread your growing can be.


We think our program is so successful because it assumes that you don't know anything. This is a great program for beginner aquaponics users, and it gives excellent advice for people who are already good at it.

You can even set up a no-pump system for your aquaponics program! After you have your first system in place, head on over to YouTube for more information about that.

If you want to expand your aquaponics to cover more scale, you can do so without very much more money. This is what is so great about aquaponics.

It's efficient. It's brilliant and enclosed and efficient. We recommend that you start the process on a small scale first.

This way, you can see the results right away and then plan for something bigger in your back yard. Remember to share your large veggies with your friends and family after you harvest them.

Everyone will be surprised at the size and scale of your new, fresh produce.

In the end, we can all be 100% self-sustaining and self-abundant. “Aquaponics 4 You” brings all kinds of food and money abundance to your life. Learn how to be more efficient today with our unique and very special program.

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