Building A Chicken Coop Reviews

The recent times have shown a highly favorable trend in the domain of poultry farming. Poultry farming was the arena of individuals who possessed vast amounts of lands.

However, nowadays, with the option of constructing chicken coops, almost anybody can effortlessly indulge in poultry farming.

‘Building a Chicken Coop' is one among the most sought after guides for making a perfect chicken coop.

What is Building a Chicken Coop?

Building a Chicken Coop is a flawlessly compiled guide for all those who aspire to construct a chicken coop without any shortcomings.

The book focuses on how one can construct a chicken coop without seeking the help of costly professional services.

It enables the individuals to effectively design and construct a great hen house with due consideration given to constraints like space and budget.

The step by step instructions listed in the book can be easily comprehended and the same fact amounts to its immense popularity.

The guide enables an absolutely well planned and systematic construction of chicken coops. Besides throwing light into construction of chicken coop structures, the book also deals with other significant aspects like the proper maintenance of poultry farms and giving the best care to chicken.

Who is the author / creator of Building a Chicken Coop?

The master brain behind the book Building a Chicken Coop, Bill Keene, is a highly experienced hand in poultry farming.

A distinguished expert in raising poultry, Keene offers excellent suggestions on how to design a chicken coop that would best suit your business needs and space availability.

Keene also keeps his eyes open to cost effectiveness and his guidelines are perfectly aligned with fitting your budget in the best possible manner.

Apart from chicken coop construction, the author gives ample importance to the finest practices that would take you several levels higher in the poultry industry.

The exceptional craftsman skills of Keene prove a totally handy aid throughout the book.

What is included in Building a Chicken Coop?

Building a Chicken Coop is a complete package dealing with the effective construction of chicken coops characterized by matchless quality and strikingly low cost.

The simple and easy to follow instructions in the book are accompanied by integrated color plans with proper scales and measurements illustrated.

Bill Keene includes in the book a wide variety of useful topics that need to be considered before even planning to make a chicken coop.

Keene offers amazing guidelines on the procurement of raw materials for the hen house. He points out as to how to grab the most cost effective building materials that would in turn make the whole construction process easier and smooth.

Another important aspect of chicken coop construction is making the right choice of location. Building a Chicken Coop throws deep insights on the location aspect as well.

It talks of selecting the apt location that is devoid of humidity and has the least chance of being subjected to issues like rotting.

The guide to chicken coop construction encompasses in it the significance of out and out ventilation. The book explores on how ventilation proves vital in the prevention of build up of harmful substances like ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Building a Chicken Coop contain instructions on making chicken coops of different sizes. It has the simplest illustrations on building small sized chicken coops as well as large sized ones that can accommodate as many as four big chickens.

Proper care taking of poultry is yet another dominant aspect that the book covers. Keene explains as to what should be done when the chickens are affected by illnesses.

The best techniques of poultry breeding are also thoroughly discussed in the guide. Protection of chickens from enemy animals and the foods that must not be given to chickens are the other major topics conferred in the book.

Besides the main book on chicken coop construction, the package from Keene includes 9 delightful bonus eBooks as well.

How does Building a Chicken Coop work?

Building a Chicken Coop, with its amazingly detailed instructions, provides great guidance to anyone who wishes to build a hen house on their own.

The book encompasses step by step guidelines for chicken coop construction. The plans and illustrations provided in the book can be modified and customized to suit the needs of the readers.

Poultry farming tips and techniques are extensively discussed in Building a Chicken Coop.

Who is the ideal candidate for Building a Chicken Coop?

Building a Chicken Coop is suitable for anybody who is passionate about poultry farming. Both the novice farmers as well as the experienced can find highly beneficial information in the book.

If a well-protected and convenient hen house is what you aim for, then the book is the right choice for you.

Besides, it is a great handy guide to all who are into poultry farming, especially beginners, as it contains a bunch of highly helpful and practical guidelines on raising poultry effectively.

Pros of owning a copy of Building a Chicken Coop:

Umpteen advantages await you as you make the decision to grab a copy of Building a Chicken Coop. Some of the major benefits are discussed below:

  • The book enables a start from the scratch sort of chicken coop construction with its notably simple illustrations. This helps in saving a huge deal of time and money when compared to purchasing the ready to use chicken coops available in the market.
  • The blueprints included in the book are of high quality and it can be easily remodeled to suit your needs. Thus, creating a blueprint that is most fitting is made totally trivial.
  • The book does not call for the possession of sophisticated tools or skills. Thus, it is apt for novices as well as experts.
  • Bill Keene's Building a Chicken Coop serves as an outright catalog for raising poultry efficiently. It covers topics that every individual should ideally know while indulging in the practice of poultry farming.
  • The 60 Day Refund Guarantee that comes along with the book is a great advantage to the readers. If unsatisfied, the book can be easily returned without the loss of a single penny.


Does Building a Chicken Coop work?

Building a Chicken Coop, being an all in all guide to construction of cost effective hen houses, fits well in the value for money niche.

With the aid of the book, anybody can easily build a chicken coop that suits well the space and cost aspects. The additional information provided on raising poultry faultlessly is absolutely remarkable.


The peerless guide to chicken coop construction, by Bill Keene, is undoubtedly a great steal for the money paid.

No aspect of coop construction is left untouched and is indeed a recommendable option to be considered before venturing into chicken coop construction.

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