Reviews refers to motoring whose cost is effective and smart. It also provides opportunities to different government agencies to sell items which are in excess and others that have been confiscated through internet.

It contains database of the phone number, location as well as the websites of the cars being auctioned in the country.

Gov provides a place where one can get a very good vehicle of high quality. It is one of the latest website that deals with auto auctions.

Most of the vehicles offered are owned by government and the law enforces how they can be seized. Auction of vehicles can be either online or offline.

Lastly one needs to understand that there are rules and regulations that have been set by each agency participating which must be followed.

Creator of Gov-auctions.Org

Gov-auctions.Org was created in order to assist people to access information about the items the government is auctioning by finding the location and participating in the auction Gov-auctions.Org is a division of Cyweb Holdings Inc. whose headquarters are in New York, U.S.A. Cyweb Holdings Inc. is an enterprise that supplies information in the web that the public can access information about government auctions.

What Is Included In the Program?

Government Auctions.Org system post information on government auctions and details about what is being auctioned with their location and who can be contacted.

Their program properties such as abandoned property, federal, state auctions, surplus auctions and local auctions among others.

There is a process that is followed when one need to bid for an item. The first step is that one needs to join in order to access the data base from agencies such as local government, federal or state.

The data base has several items from which one can tender for they may include cars and auto parts, Aircraft & Parts, motorcycles and parts, real estate, bikes and parts among others.

How does Work?

The is an information website which shows information about current government auctions and what is about to be auctioned, but there are no auctions that take place in the website.

For someone to use this profile, one is expected to pay only $64.95 a year in order to have unlimited. After that one is privileged to access the any information related to their interest.

Then the Gov- system will provide the phone numbers, location as well as the websites of the cars being auctioned in the country. is an auction site that is a trustworthy and has a good reputation. The government operates it not for the sake of getting quick money but to dispose them early enough when they are still in good shape.

Due to the fact that the government wants to dispose them quickly they price them at a low cost with a bid starting. Since the government wants to from as low as $100.

Another reason why the government auctions these properties at lower prices is because the owners of these properties had defaulted the agreed terms.

So before they depreciate their value the Government to quickly liquidate it as getting money for them now is better than later.

Is a Scam?

Even if the name shows that there is some auctioning taking place, that’s not the case. As this site only provides information on how and where auctioning is being done but not actual auctioning.

Therefore one cannot be duped that they were conned in as they tried to bid.

Gov therefore only serves as a pathway to people who want to auction by providing the necessary information on where auctioning is being done. In conclusion, this whole process is legit and not a scam.

Pros of has very many benefits that outsmart the disadvantages. Some of these pros include:

  • One is able to save a lot of time since there is no travelling up and down to find information about what you want to buy. It gives opportunity for people who cannot buy their dream cars or homes at low costs
  • There are many options one can choose from since there are many varieties
  • One pays a fraction of what was supposed to be paid in the market rate
  • One is able to get an update of government auction daily if you are a member of this site
  • One is able to bid online for actions that are special
  • It provides members with freedom to view thousands of auctions with listings that are guaranteed.
  • One can also be able to use their guides to bid vehicles and other properties.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the

The is suitable for a person whose budget is tight and wants to access service that is beneficial at low cost.

Additionally a person who does not want to waste a lot of time traveling places looking for a car or any other property is also ideal for

Others who would like to sample from different varieties provides a better deal. Finally is ideal for a person who would like to use their tutorials in bidding vehicles and other properties.

Does Work?

The works as one is secured in the system. Also since there are varieties of items, one is able to get what they have been dreaming about even if they were not able to.

Some authors like Terry Eilers describes it in the book Real Estate Millions in Any Market by John Wiley 2004,


Even though provides one with information about government auctions, one should be aggressive when bidding because other people may be interested in the same property.

Also one is expected to know what they need and value in it to avoid losing it as they can resell it at a higher price.

Finally, since there are other websites which are coming up, one need to be careful so that you can be able to distinguish legitimate ones and fake ones to avoid being misled.

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