Housecarers help homeowners to locate reliable house sitters. Aims at providing a secure environment of linking homeowners with house sitter and sitters are able to prosper economically and in accommodation purposes.

From the continuous studies done, there are standard practices on house sitting and revised guidelines for making informed decisions.

The Internet is the main tool used to connect our clients from all corners of the world. Being effective to our members and satisfying their needs is our core focus every day.

It’s through members suggestions that we effectively improve our site (

We are based in Newcastle Australia as a worldwide directory for house sitters. Since October 2000 we have matched many homeowners with house sitters.

It’s a privet company which is still featuring in many prominent magazines such as in Washington Post retirement publications and many more.

Know the founder

Ian White is recognized as the founder of Housecarers since the year 2000 in October at Narrabeen NSW Australia. He worked with Rat Race corporate for long under his career in marketing and Information Technology.

He tried working with a printed directory but it did not work off. Then he started the first World Wide internet interactive site with house sitters and homeowners.

The sited allowed secured membership subscription linking the two. The site now has two names as and, You can also meet the founder through linkedIn;

What The Program entails

Both the homeowners and house sitters first need to subscribe as a member in order to access the services provided.

Members’ security is guarded through a private messaging system, and also trustworthy privacy. One is able to access tips on secured matching or contracts or register for tips only.

Once homeowners post a free confidential house ad, then the programmed matching system fetches the qualified candidates and sends a response back privately.

Now the homeowners can start locating the house sitters matching them by browsing their files. These files include; sitters profile, Reference, and Police Clearances. Then filter them according to your preference.

House sitters’ subscription helps them to get house sit opportunity alerts matching their desired places and preferences. The program helps house sitters with tips and guides in locating house sit.

How it works

There are three reasons why you need to subscribe. If you are looking for house sitter opportunities you need to register as a house sitter, and if you’re seeking to get a House sitter register as a house owner.

The site allows you to key in your details and also upload other documents needed. After registering the system keeps on automatically updating and sending responses for matching clients.

Worry not, it is not Scum site. It has worked for over seven years now providing secure and protected information for their subscribers.

There is also a continuous follow-up for connected clients to see how they’re going on. Also, the site offers free house sitters’ tips for those who need to learn and get more information.

Advantages of house sitters

  • Escape the annoyance of renting your home.

Your belongings stay in place since you don’t need to packing when leaving. While away no more forwarding of emails and texts, the house sitters take all the duties assigned.

Reduce storage expenditures, and you are not disappointed on return. Homeowner selects house sitter who agrees to their terms.

  • Avoid extra expenses

You don’t need to hire gardeners, pet boarders, or pool service attendant. Through free accommodations services are given to the house sitters they are going to handle all this in your absence.

  • You don’t need to impose any more on your friends and family.

You don’t need to request for sporadic family members visits to come and take care of your home and pets.

  • Avoid being a crime statistic.

The home is under a life in a look, case of crime will be low since the house is not vacant there is someone watching.

When do you become an ideal candidate for the program?

The program has developed an international database for their members from all areas of the world to register and fill in their details and upload required certificates.

For one to become a fully registered member, you need to fill in the following fields; sitting location desired, the date when available, occupation, marital status.

Motivations, interest, skills, experience, preferred during of sitting, willingness to mind pets, upload photos, reference, and police clearance.

Finally, house sitter membership subscription is US$50.00 per year. Houseowners membership registration is free.

Do the services work?

Connecting house sitters with homeowners’ services are still going on. The business is booming, clients are matching and sending requests daily.

Good recommendations are streaming in throughout our members acknowledging our services and security. There are still a lot of information about house sitting on our sites which is helpful for house sitters to read and learn when sitting. They can learn other languages and also read our blogs for more information.


Why do we prefer housing house sitters than family members? The homeowners you already have an answer in mind.

And we have the solution for you. Don’t hesitate, make a move, and get that freedom you need while you are away from home.

Homeowners have the challenge of finding a trustworthy person. In Housecarers, house sitters matched with your requests are the one we trust most for you.

Our continuous follow-up is to ensure that nothing goes wrong and no criminal cases. Our program understands that what homeowners need are honest people, and that’s what we work to provide.

This job is highly recommendable for those retiring, writers seeking quiet environment, people you need to be near their own families, need the safety of the homes, and people who just want to stay in quiet places and read inspirational documents.

If looking forward to being a house sitter, homeowners need people who understand their specified requirements, and somebody they can trust. is an online platform where house owners and house sitters share information and get connected.

The aim of introducing was to help people leave their troubles behind when they travel from home. Literally.

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