How To Recondition Batteries At Home Reviews

The product termed Recondition Battery Guide is a specialized system for reconditioning all types of batteries. The guide shows how to revive batteries at home.

It describes a detailed process of accepting batteries that are hit by the uncontrollable build-up of sulfur. The guide product comes with a description of a fledged equipment stock, business plan suggestion and a guideline to market the battery reconditioning business.


The availability of garages and other home locations that can be turned to sites for reconditioning make this activity lucrative.

The product is seen as a mechanism to advance in business since it offers exclusive strategies to remove sulfur on dead battery plates at a little cost.

With millions of dead batteries being discarded as waste, reconditioning them becomes a good way to earn a living.

Who is the author?

The guide was authored by Craig Orell with assistance from John Hartman. Hartman was a salesman for forklifts. These vehicles spent and discarded huge chunks of dead batteries.

Craig Orell was in the business of collecting these batteries making Hartman to get curious since the batteries were only waste to him.

It is after much persuasion that Craig opened up about the secret of reconditioning dead batteries. He was raking in a six figure income from the reconditioning business since he sold them at a profit.

Hartman decided to engage Orell so that they can formulate a step-by-step guide for reconditioning dead batteries.

What is included in the program?

The step-by-step guide is composed of 21 chapters with detailed analysis of the battery reconditioning process. The program has pictures and attractive diagrams that give the procedures of reconditioning.

The program also highlights the types of batteries that can be revived through reconditioning. They include: “lead acid batteries (Cars), Li-Ion (laptops), Ni-Cd (rechargeable battery) and Ni-MH (long life battery).”

The program also contains ways to test batteries before, during and after reconditioning. It also gives the secret methods of reconditioning which are exclusive to every type of battery.

The guide caters for all people including beginners and experienced battery reconditions. It has divided its steps in form of topics.

It contains pictures of all types of batteries. It also has all equipment supplies that are necessary in the reconditioning of lead acid batteries. It shows how the equalizing charge is applied in reconditioning.

The process of adding chemicals is covered in the guide. It has revealed the secret equipment used for de-sulfating batteries. The business plan report is an added bonus that comes with every purchase of the guide.

Craig Orell reveals how he has been able to earn his six-figure revenue from reconditioning batteries especially in bulk. It also gives the best marketing strategy for the business.

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How does it work?

The program is bought online from the recondition

website. The kit comes with a business plan report (free bonus) that shows how customers can make money from the product. The program requires one to follow the tips and tricks that have been recorded.

More emphasis has been placed upon the reconditioning of the lead-acid battery which is the most common type of battery hit by sulfur build-up. The step-by-step guide is made easy to follow with each chapter exhausting one process of reconditioning.

The customer is allowed to download the product immediately after purchase. One does not have to wait for any shipping. Clients are then able to read the downloaded copy of the guide on the process of reconditioning all types of batteries.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

People with knowledge of battery waste locations or in neighborhoods filled with battery wastes are the best candidates for this product.

Those with friends who have cars, laptops and other rechargeable batteries will find the product helpful to expand the business. The product will help anyone who is looking to set up a side business that deals with rejuvenating dead batteries.

It will also help mechanics, engineers and anyone who likes working with tools and following procedure. The business plan attached to the product will help in establishment of projects such as garages, car washes, repair shops and recycling plants.

All people who are business minded will find this product a blessing in disguise. Of special note is the environmental advantage attached to the product.

Those people who are passionate about a clean environment that is devoid of non-biodegradable lead will purchase the product with pleasure.


  • The product is tested by thousands of customers who have attested to its accuracy and performance
  • The step-by-step guide is easy to follow. Clients are not required to possess great knowledge about the batteries they are reconditioning. The full information about the types of batteries is explained in the product guide
  • The program emphasizes on saving money through reconditioning dead ones rather than buying new and expensive ones.
  • It helps in protecting the environment (soil and water) against pollution by lead and sulfur elements
  • It comes with a business plan report that shows how to earn money from reconditioning dead batteries. It also reveals strong marketing skills
  • The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee after 2 months (60 days). The amount spent is returned with no hassle.


  • The product guide is too lengthy. 21 topics may not be covered as fast as one would want.
  • It places to much emphasis on the lead-acid battery as compared to other forms of batteries

Does the product work?

The product has been proven by thousands of clients from all over the world. It has also been authored by Craig Orell who is a successful businessmen and battery repairer.


The business plan attached to the product shows Craig’s success story. Various testimonials have been described in the program. They are from are from real people who define their success after purchasing the product. The product definitely works


The purchase of this product is recommended here. The product is worth the amount due to its efficiency in performance.

The order download is made available immediately after purchase. The guide shows how to recondition batteries at home which emphasizes on a savings plan.

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