Liberty Generator Reviews

The liberty generator also known as the bio gas generator is an Eco-friendly solution that uses bio fuel to generate energy at an affordable price

This generator was created by Abel Thomas with the aim of generating low cost power. The continued rising of electricity bills and his inability to afford power for his home necessitated the development of this generator.


The technology used is not new but it has been made simpler. One has the option of purchasing the ready-made product or constructing one close to their homes.

Abel Thomas initially created the generator using locally available materials and tools. It is the knowledge he acquired that he shares with the rest of the world on making this green energy solution.

What the Liberty generator includes

One can simply purchase the generator direct from the company’s website. On the other hand, one can choose to build their own generator using the materials provided.

The system comes with videos detailing the step by step instructions on how to build from scratch until the end. There is also a manual with written explanation containing images on how to install the system.

Instructions are in addition downloadable from the internet. All these make construction easy without the need to hire an expert.

How does the generator work?

The functioning of the liberty generator is really simple. It simply generates power from the bio-gas converted from organic waste collected at home.

This matter is held in a chamber that is closed and as it decomposes, the gases released are then harnessed. This bio-gas is then used for basic functions in the home like heating.

Who is best suited to use the Liberty generator?

Homes in need of a lot of heating during the winter season end up spending a lot on electricity. Prepare for the season effectively by installing a liberty generator for extra heat at home at lower costs.

This product is ideal for those households intending to reduce their energy costs and save money on electricity bills. All those who have used it have had their electricity costs go down.

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The liberty generator is the preferred option for those wanting to go green when disposing their waste and generating power.

This product will also benefit a lot residents living in remote areas which have no connection to electricity. It provides them with the power they need for essential activities such as cooking.

Farms have a lot of organic waste which makes them suitable for the installation of a liberty generator. This system is also great for those living in areas where there is a lot of organic waste in need of disposal and they want to dispose this waste hygienically and safely.

If living in regions prone to power shortages it would be best to protect your family with a liberty generator. This ensures that in case of an energy crisis, one will always be prepared.

The generator is as well recommended for holiday homes with no connection to electricity.


  • The purchased generator is portable making its use convenient
  • Operation and repairing it once it is damaged is really simple
  • Few maintenance requirements
  • Provision of unrestricted power supply with some of its users using it throughout the day without having to worry about safety or expenses
  • Affordable installation
  • Durability
  • The products are high quality
  • It has hygienization capabilities which allow the system is able to get rid of the germs and bacteria too
  • The use of biogas is safe because the carbon dioxide it produces is less compared to the other sources of energy
  • It is an affordable alternative to fossil fuels that have been imported.
  • It does not produce any smell
  • Lowers the electricity expenses
  • Although the price will not be very cheap, it will be cheaper than installing a windmill or a solar panel
  • Easy to build without having to hire a professional
  • Environmentally safe
  • It uses familiar and safe technology which is simple to understand
  • Has been tested and proven to be effective in the production of energy
  • There is no limit to the amount of waste that can be put into the system
  • One has more power at their disposal and a backup they can rely on


  • The system needs quite some space thus it does not favor those without sufficient space outside their homes. In this case one might just have to consider purchasing one instead.
  • Acquiring the organic material needed for energy production may be a problem for the urban households.

The electricity bill may still remain high if one is using a lot of electricity in their homes. Reducing the electricity bill will be dependent on the biogas produced which will be a problem if one does not have enough organic matter.

One will also have to have a large system built if they want their electricity bill to go down. The generator will also reduce this expense but there is no full guarantee that the electricity cost will be eliminated.


Does generator really work?

The liberty generator is very effective in energy production. A lot of its users have found the cost of building it worth it. They do not have to worry about sudden loss of power.

It has a money back guarantee thus ne can try it out without having to worry about losing their money. In less than a month, one will begin to see the change in their power meter readings as they will definitely be lower than before.


The liberty generator is not only an affordable source of energy but a long term investment as well. The system has numerous advantages and the disadvantages are very few and manageable.

This combined with its eco-friendly and safe nature, makes it a preferable option for power supply. This is a legitimate product that has been tested and proven to be authentic.

Refunds are given to buyers within two months of purchase but so far there has not been clients taking back the product. This gives peace of mind on the reliability of the system.

The support provided to clients is really helpful too. The support center keeps a record of the complaints and inquiries made and the response and the progress is continually monitored.

The Liberty generator also aims at promoting power independence among homeowners and has succeeded to do so for thousands of users around the world.

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