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In the olden days, boat building was learned through apprenticeship.

Today, thanks to advancements in technology, you do not need to become an apprentice to learn how to build a boat. This is particularly so when you have the MyBoat plans package.

What is it?

My Boat Plans is a collection of over 518 boat designs with a detailed step by step guide on how to construct each of the boat designs.

The step by step guide to boat building is contained within 500 pages. Besides to the step by step guide, the plan also features 40 video tutorials on boat building, making it one of the most user-friendly and efficient boat building guide available.

About the author

Martin Reid, the man behind the My Boat Plans is a seasoned boat builder whose passion for this ancient but fascinating art began when he was still a boy.

Having been taught the art by another master boat builder himself, Martin is a man who understands the importance of having a mentor.

It is for this reason that after 31 years worth of experience in boat building, Martin decided to give back to the art that had given him so many happy memories.

What does the program offer?

The MyBoat plans program features 518 boat plans each with a simple step by step guide. The guide is backed up by 3D color photos and diagrams aimed at giving you visual explanations of the written guide.

For ease of navigation the program incorporates a search feature, which allows for cross-referencing between the 518 boat plans available.

40 video tutorials with ten plus hours of narrated training give you a better visual understanding of the boat building process.

The video tutorials are backed up by Computer Aided Design software that is also included in the program. This software becomes essential when you wish to construct your own custom boat design.


Also, the author of this program releases new boat designs and plans on a monthly basis. Owners of the program get to download these new models for free for life.

The program gives you access to a members page from, which you can download all the boat plans and building guides.

For those who are unable to download the boat plans and guides, the program is also available in a DVD format as well as in books.

Besides, the program also comes with some bonuses, one of which is the Computer Aided Design, which can cost as much as $ 40 when purchased separately.

The Boat Builder’s Guide is another enticing bonus that comes with this program. This 600 paged guide is a practical course on wooden boat construction and ship building.

As if that is not enough, the author adds two other guides, namely, the Boat Building Secrets, which is a collection of 16 different books on boat building and the Boat Safety Regulations Guide.

Another bonus that accompany this program is access to the Members Q&A Forum. This is a forum, where you are able to interact with boat building experts and professionals either in groups or individually.

How does it work and is it a scam?

The 518 boat designs featured on the MyBoat plans program range from mere rowboats such as kayaks and canoes to sophisticated cabin cruiser boats.

For beginners it is recommended to start with easy to build boats such as canoes. For experienced boat builders, the CAD software will come in handy when designing custom boats.

In regards to whether the program is a scam, the answer is a definite no. The author offers a sixty-day money back guarantee.

This combined with the number of people who have benefited from using the program point to it being legit. Therefore, it cannot be termed a scam.


  • The program has a huge selection of boat designs to choose from ranging from stock designs to custom designs.
  • The 40 plus video tutorials are comprehensive and contain the entire boat building process from conception to the end.
  • The program comes with a number of significant bonuses
  • Is not limited to written descriptions as it also incorporates high-quality pictorial descriptions.
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Is a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing boat plans
  • Users are guaranteed free updates for life
  • The program is compatible with all versions of Mac and Windows operating systems

Who is it for?

The MyBoat plans program has is no particular target audience and was designed to be of use to both amateur boat builders as well as experienced ship builders.

According to the author, the program can help anyone and everyone become a master ship builder. This claim can be attributed to the program being a comprehensive easy to follow guide with no details left out.

Therefore, this program is ideally for Do It Yourself individuals who wish to build their own boats instead of using large chunks of funds on hiring contractors and designers.

The program is also for boat building enthusiasts who consider the art a hobby.

Does it work?

The author’s 30 plus years worth of experience, combined with the many testimonials from all over the world is evidence that the MyBoat Plan works.

Skeptics and Non-believers are welcomed to try this program and if for any reason do not like it will get a refund. This shows just how confident Martin Reid is with the program.


Considering the wealth of information contained within this program and the bonuses attached to it, the price of less than $50 is more than a great deal.

Therefore, it is recommended that instead of purchasing stock boat designs that cost upwards of $ 350, consider this package.

Additionally, this package requires someone who is willing to go the whole mile. Purchasing the package and not using it is a total waste of funds.

For newbie boat builders, starting with the various boat designs on the package before advancing to creating custom designs is recommended.

Experienced boat builders have the option of using the 518 boat designs available or designing their own custom boats using the bonus Computer Aided Designing software.

In conclusion, the MyBoatPlans package can be termed the ultimate boat building guide available today.

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