Solar Stirling Plant Reviews

There is no doubt that the electricity bills have been crippling businesses and leaving homes in the dark. The pace at which they are escalating has become too much for the average person to keep and hence people are either having to sacrifice a sufficient amount of their income on paying the bill or risk staying in the dark.


In a bid to curb this and make power more affordable a variety of options have been uncovered. Some like the solar power have proven to have a very steep set up cost discouraging very many people.

However, the solar Stirling plant is one product that has seemingly offered people a ray of hope if its efficiency and rock bottom prices are anything to go by.

What is it?

The Solar Stirling plant is an eBook that is available to the public at price which details how one can be able to build their own home made generator using the two century old technology that was invented by Dr. Robert Stirling.

In the eBook, the buyer learns how they can manage to build their own generator that is capable of producing up to 12 times with more efficiency than the solar panels.

After using the eBook as a guide to building their own “power plant” the buyer can then be able to save up to 50% on electricity bills and you are able to do this as soon as you turn the machine on.

Who is the author?

Even though the technology behind the book is over 200 years old, the author of the book and the man behind the refining of the system to what it is currently is John Redford.

He is a graduate of the Engineering program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Aside from being the author of the book that promises to help you kiss your electricity bills goodbye, he also runs the Solar Stirling Plant Company which is his own way of making it easier for people to generate free electricity and saving them money in the long run.

What is included in the program?

The one most important thing in the program is the knowledge that is provided by the eBook which is what guides most of the users on how to go about building their own Solar Stirling Plant. The fee that is paid is one off and caters to the price of one unit of the eBook.

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How does it work?

Once completed, the project works under a very simple mechanism. The rays from the sun are received by the parabolic mirror which then concentrate them to the Stirling engine which acts as a state of the art conversion unit.

The Stirling engine uses this intense heat to heat hydrogen gas which expands with time. Due to the expansion of the gas, the pistons are pushed down and the crank shaft to turn the generator.

To be able to do this, the Stirling engine is able to heat and cool the gas alternatively hence being able to create an electric current.

Because of the efficiency with which the Solar Stirling Plant works, it is able to move the generator at RPMs that are not possible with solar panels or even wind turbines.

This allows it produce energy that clean and affordable not to mention that it does in a very efficient manner.

Who is the ideal candidate product for this product?

There is virtually no single person who cannot benefit from what this product has to offer. It is ideal for most home owners and those that run small businesses.

However, its feasibility and ability to work in a large setting has not yet been tried but this is not to say that this is not possible.

It is perfect for all those that are tired with the monotony of the power companies and those whose power bills are crippling their dreams and crushing their bank accounts. It can offer relieve and reprieve to a great diversity of people.


  • It is cheap and estimated to cost less than $100 in materials making it affordable to a great variety of people and average Joes.
  • It does not need one to be experienced in tool work to be able to follow the guide and put up his own plant. In actual sense, very minimal help is required for this.
  • Because of its unique design, one does not have to worry about the area that will be occupied by the parabolic mirrors hence it is ideal for even those that are short on space.
  • The system is able to work even in low light intensity as opposed to solar panels and it is also not affected by the temperatures outside.
  • There are no running costs after installation and hence you don’t have to worry about having to put this in mind.
  • The power produced by this system is green and clean meaning that it not only saves you money but also allows you to have a more positive impact on the environment.
  • The highlight of being able to install this one of a kind system is that you will be able to drastically cut down on your electricity bills and if you want, you can also say good bye to them.
  • There is a money back guarantee in the event that you are not pleased with that the system offers. Cons.
  • There is a lot of uncertainty revolving around the product and its feasibility but there is no single research that has been able to find evidence of it being fraudulent.

Does the product work?

While there has been a lot of hype about the Solar Stirling Plant since its release, there has been a lot of skepticism about its ability to deliver.


However, the problem is that there are no customer reviews yet to show that the product actually works but reviews from experts indicate that there is every possibility that the model might work and as such there is no need to raise concern about it.

However, a clear cut decision will be arrived upon once people start using the product and they offer their views on it.


Making a call as to whether you should buy the product or not is not a very savvy way to go about this.

However, it is vital that before you commit you make sure you do a little digging of yourself and from there you can be able to come up with a decision of your own and one that is better informed.

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