DIY Smart Saw Reviews

The DIY Smart Saw guide is a downloadable eBook that’s developed to teach you how to make smart saw or CNC Machine at home for fewer than 500 dollars.

The guide includes pictures and step-by-step instructions telling you how to make your own smart saw – including all the materials that you need to pick from the store as well as how to put the materials together.

The guide mainly targets beginner woodworkers. Even if you have never put something together using the hand once in your life, you should still be capable of figuring out how to put together the DIY Smart Saw.

In fact, the developer of the program claims that you will not even have to rewind the video so as to check if you are doing it right.

This is because the video holds your hand all through the entire building process. It is also accompanied by text and pictures guides that explain everything.

Who Wrote DIY Smart Saw?

DIY Smart Saw program was created by Alex Grayson. Alex claims that he works in a car industry as an engineer.

Alex spent his life taking apart stuff within his house so as to see how it worked –such as the fridge, toaster or any anything else that he could get his hands on.

Eventually, Grayson took up woodworking, which led to where we are today by creating the DIY Smart Saw. The marketing and sales page for DIY Smart Saw is filled with several pictures of the DIY projects.

Alex Grayson claims that he has personally built all the projects pictured on this page.

What Is Included In DIY Smart Saw?

Here are the things you will get when purchasing DIY Smart Saw package:

1. Comprehensive instructions which Alex divided into 4 steps. These instructions come with detailed illustrations about the construction.

2. Written manual that contain helpful tips, notes and warnings. Alex gives you right away all the components and tools you are going to use for the project. In addition, he will show you the ones that you should use and how to make sure each part is a very easy fit.

3. Follow-along videos that serve as a complements to the written manual.

4. There’s also a button which Alex will show you to click so as to see if you built the DIY Smart Saw correctly. This ensures that you do not have to waste wood for this purpose.

5. Help and Troubleshooting section for reference in case you’re stuck.

It’s also important to note that the DIY Smart Saw includes the bonus guide titled “ The 101 Woodworking.”

This is basically a short video guide that will help you on how to use the Smart Saw in order to bring your best designs into reality.

How Does DIY Smart Saw Work?

A CNC (computer numerical control) machine refers to a computer-controlled woodcarving machine. The machine is used by punching few numbers into the machine thus it moves to exact spots on the wood so as to create the design that you want.

In this case, the smart saw is used to refer to the CNC machine.

It is basically a saw that enables you to plug in numbers and then carve a piece of wood according to your specifications. This machine moves exactly how you want it to move and your measurements are 100 percent accurate.

Unfortunately, CNC machines cost thousands of dollars thus making it necessary to have affordable alternatives.

The DIY Smart Saw is just a CNC machine-like machine that works twenty times faster as compared to the human hand. It also enables you to create personalized and unique projects within a short period of the time.

Best of all, Grayson teaches you how to build the CNC machine in the afternoon using parts that you can buy at all hardware stores.

You just need some basic tools so as to begin, including a hammer, screwdriver, tubular wrench, marker/pencil, tape measure, Allen tool and a depth stop.

After you gather all the materials, Alex then teaches you how to build your own DIY Smart Saw using video guides and the step-by-step instructions.

You are encouraged to watch this video once before proceeding to the program. Once you have completed building your own DIY Smart Saw, you will connect it to a computer using the USB cable and then download your designs onto the saw. All computers will normally work with the CNC machine.

Once you have put everything together, Alex Grayson claims you will be building all kinds of unique DIY projects, furniture and home decorations in no time at all. You will be saving thousands off costs within your own home.

As a bonus, the creator even throws in an additional guide called The 101 CNC Woodworking. This guide features all types of designs that you can create using the smart saw.

The Pros of DIY Smart Saw

  • The DIY Smart Saw eliminates the Guesswork because very few people have the patience or time to build their own version of CNC machines
  • It is a cheaper alternative as compared to buying a secondhand CNC machine.
  • DIY Smart Saw is easy to implement. If you can actually use a screwdriver and then follow instructions, you will not find it hard to execute this blueprint.
  • 60-Day Refund Promise. ClickBank usually manages the payment as well as the refund processing for DIY Smart Saw guide. In case you do not like it for whatever reason, you can always contact Alex and his customer service to ask for a full refund within 2 months after your purchase.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For DIY Smart Saw?

DIY Smart Saw simplifies the process of building your very own CNC machine because these are complicated pieces of machinery that might take you many days and a lot of cash.

The program is ideal for people who are not good with their hands or those who are not good at following instructions.

If you are interested in woodworking and you want to discover how to create your own magnificent creations, then DIY Smart Saw guide might just be what you require to get the ball rolling.

Does DIY Smart Saw Work?

The DIY Smart Saw is basically what each person needs so as to jumpstart their new hobby of making wooden furniture from the start or later on turn it to an actual paying career.

The machine actually works based on several positive reviews that it has received online.

It can wisely teach you through audiovisuals and words in the best and simple way because it actually works like any Computer Numerical Control machine that you can buy anywhere.


Overall, the DIY Smart Saw can be a very great choice for any woodcarving enthusiast. The great thing about the guide is that it does not matter if you are a complete newbie or even a seasoned woodcarver.

You do not need complicated software, special tools or expert knowledge on engineering so as to put together your Smart Saw.

In addition, if you do not have the budget for a new CNC machine, then this DIY Smart Saw is a good option for you. The machine is a lot cheaper and it’s also covered by a full 60-days refund guarantee, thus you have nothing to lose.

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