NanoTowels Reviews

Nanotowels are new innovative towels, developed for cleaning, as an alternative to conventional napkins used for cleaning, which are made from paper.

What Is This Product All About?

Usually most cleaning at homes and elsewhere is done using paper towels and expensive cleaning chemicals which are toxic and damage the environment.

To overcome this problem, NanoTowels have been developed after extensive research , which allow the user to clean anything using only water,conventional chemicals which are toxic , are not required.

These towels help eliminate the use of paper towels and can be used to remove dirt, liquids, dust and grime from any surface , and can absorb a large amount of water without dripping.

Unlike paper napkins which have to be discarded after being used, these towels can be used repeatedly,helping the environment.

Who Is The Creator?

Nanotowels are marketed and sold by Water Liberty, an organization founded by ecofriendly individuals, who wish to reduce the damage caused to the environment due to the usage of various chemicals and other similar products.

They are trying to preserve the natural resources available on earth including trees, by promoting new innovative products which replace the widely used conventional products which often damage the environment in the long term.

These new products promote sustainable living and better health for everyone. The organization has partnered with the charity:water and also Trees for the future, planting more than 100,000 trees worldwide and digging wells for water.

What Is Included In The Program?

Water Liberty are selling Nanotowels which are green, safe, effective, economical and healthy, helping to clean only with water, without using any chemicals .

Each nano towel is of size 14 inches X 14 inches and green in color. The Nanotowels are sold in packs which include four towels each on their website.

The company is offering a money back guarantee on the towels and a warranty for a period of one year. Though the regular price of a pack of four towels is $29.95, a $10 discount is offered if these towels are purchased from the website, so the cost of the smallest pack is $19.95.

Those who require larger quantities can purchase a two pack or six pack and get a better discount

How Does It Work? Is It a Scam?

The Nanotowels are made from Nanalon fiber, a newly developed fiber which is hundred times smaller in diameter if compared to human hair.

The fiber has some unique properties which allow it to attract dirt, dust and grime particles, helping the user remove all the dirt quickly and conveniently.

It also absorbs a large amount of water and other liquids , compared to most other fabrics like cotton, without the liquid leaking.

Most of the claims regarding the properties of the NanoTowels appear to be correct, as many have used the product, and there are many testimonials from satisfied customers.

They are also offering a money back guarantee, and one year warranty on the product, so it does not appear to be scam

List of Pros

  • Environment friendly, replacing paper towels which are made cutting trees and toxic cleaning chemicals
  • reusable, so only a few towels are sufficient for cleaning
  • can be washed in a washing machine or using other methods, so it is cost effective in the long term
  • uses innovative technology to attract dirt, grime, dust
  • good liquid absorption capacity, can hold up to 10 ounces of water without leaking
  • only water is sufficient for cleaning, no additional chemicals are required, reducing the cost of cleaning
  • the towels have a long life and can be used 300 to 400 times without their performance being affected
  • ideal for families whose members are allergic to cleaning chemicals
  • economical in the long term as one time use paper towels, chemicals are not required
  • easier and simpler to clean, as only the NanoTowels are required, no additional supplies like cleaning chemical bottles are required

Who Is the Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The NanoTowels can be used by every family to reduce their carbon footprint and damage to the environment caused by using paper napkins.

For making one ton of these paper products, which cannot be reused, 17 trees have to be cut down for wood pulp, and 20,000 gallons of water are polluted, so using these nanotowels the environmental damage is greatly reduced.

Those who spend time cleaning their homes, should get the NanoTowels as it makes cleaning the home easier and simpler.

They can also be used for commercial and industrial applications in hotels, restaurants, factories, offices, hospitals, schools, armed forces.

Many of the customers who purchase the towels are also using them for cleaning the inside and outside of their vehicles, like cars, motorcycles, boats , recreational vehicles

Does The Product Work?

The NanoTowels have been formulated using the latest technologies from Nanalon fiber and are developed after researching extensively, so the properties of the fiber which allow it to attract dirt particles and absorb large amounts of liquid have been scientifically tested before the product was available for consumer use.

Feedback from customers who have purchased the product indicate that most customers are extremely satisfied with the NanoTowels as it is better in cleaning the surfaces, removing the dirt, than almost all other cleaning products, and is also easy to use as no additional chemicals for cleaning are required.


It is recommended that the user should use two Nanotowels while cleaning any surface, one should be wet, to remove the dirt and grime, while the other towel should be dry, so that the surface which has been cleaned with the wet towel, can be dried quickly, absorbing the water.

If the surface has to be disinfected to kill bacteria, it is advisable to use hot water with the towel . Alternately vinegar and baking soda can be added to the water, to kill the harmful microbes.

So the NanoTowels are highly recommended for eco-friendly families and organizations, who wish to keep their homes and other items clean without damaging the environment.

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