Sky 4 Energy Reviews

The household expenses are rocketing day by day among which electricity bills burn hole in our pockets. We are always looking for ways to reduce your bills so that we do not have to break our savings every time.

But, we also know how important electricity is in our daily life. In such situation, if you find something which can stop this mounting electric bill, why not use it?

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Sky 4 Energy is one such product which claims to produce free electricity. So, you do not have to depend on electricity companies for the additional usage. Let us see what the product is and if it really works or not.

What is the Product?

Sky 4 Energy is an eBook which contains step- by–step instructions to build your own generator by which you can produce electricity. The invention is based on the Tesla principle which states that radiant energy in present in the air.

So, thorough this method you can generate electricity for your household by making use of electromagnetic waves. This is a do- it- yourself process where you will be instructed to create a Free Energy Receiver (the generator) that will generate free electricity which you can use for day to day activities.

Who is the Author?

This revolutionary invention was made by William Miller. He possesses a genuine passion for unique scientific inventions. He is an alternate energy enthusiast who discovered this amazing way of producing electricity through electromagnetic waves, based upon Tesla principle.

However, years of experiment and countless hours have been devoted by a group of such enthusiast like William to make the product a grand success.

What is Included in the Program?

The eBook contains 12 chapters and total 116 pages. Here, you will find all the information required to create a ‘free energy receiver’ all by yourselves, without any professional assistance.

The parts and materials for the generator can be purchased from any hardware store. The ‘free energy receiver’ acts as the generator and will produce electricity for your home.

The easy instructions and clear diagrammatic representations will make our task super easy. You can even earn extra money by selling the excess electricity to the utility companies. Sky4Energy includes:

  • Comprehensive Do- It- Yourself Kit which clearly explains how to produce FREE electricity by using an inexpensive ‘free energy receiver'
  • Detailed information related to tools and how- to – assemble instructions teamed with step wise illustrations.
  • How to get all the hardware materials at low cost to build the generator
  • Simple step – by- Step diagrams to create the generator without any professional support
  • How to get optimal benefit from Sky4Energy setup
  • Get insights on how your ‘energy production project' can be made bigger and more powerful.
  • Easy and effective ways to reduce energy consumption.
  • Ideas on how to weatherize home
  • Unique ways to save oil
  • Assistance from William Miller if you need, at any stage

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How Does It Work?

The Sky 4 Energy system makes use of energy from electromagnetic waves, instead of solar energy, which is commonly used for domestic energy production.

Known as radiant energy, these electromagnetic waves are invisible but believed to be present around us. It gives plans for creating electrical energy through this radiant energy by the help of an energy generator.

So, regardless of whether the wind is blowing or not; sun is shining or not, you will get uninterrupted electricity generation.

In the first 3 chapter you will find some basic information regarding Sky4Energy. This complete process has been also names as –“Energy from the Sky”.

The concept works on compilation of practical methods that can be gathered to produce usable energy. This book gives information on magnifying transmitter; how energy can be produced by utilization of TV and Radio waves; energy production via utilization of static electricity; electricity generation by utilizing radiant energy; how Sky4Energy fits home electricity requirements; energy proficient insulation and more.

When you read the eBook, you will discover each one of these theories and mechanism in detail. The information includes real world examples and how these ideas have been implemented in real life.

So that you do not end up hurting yourself during the process, the authors also provides some safety measures. Read them carefully.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

This amazing e Guide works best for all those who wish to reduce their electricity bill without reducing energy consumption. This is product is valuable in terms of efficiency and price as compared to other products in the market.

If your household comprise of minimum three people, then the product is definitely for you. Also, for those who are staying in apartments and sharing electricity with other dwellers, Sky 4 Energy is a great option.


  • Quick and simple setup – needs only few hours
  • Step by step instruction and diagrams makes it easy for a novice
  • Setup cost is very much affordable
  • Come with 60 days money-back guaranty
  • Sky4Energy offers FREE forum for its eager members
  • Compact as compared to magnet generators
  • Creates very less noise as compared to magnet generators


  • As the product is DIY, you have to invest a good amount of effort and time.
  • Although there is a forum, still free telephonic support would have been better than email support.

Does The Product Work?

The product definitely works. As per the figures, there are above 113000 customers in more than 90 counties have used Sky 4 Energy system effectively. So, you can also get benefited from the product.


You just have to dedicate few hours from your busy schedule to follow the instructions carefully and build your generator. Fetch lifelong benefits! If you read customer’s review you will find that those who bought the system were are happy with the savings.

It’s like an one time investment to get long term benefits. Example – Tim said – “I used to pay more than $90 per month which has now gone down to $15. I don’t know how to thank Sky4Energy”


Yes, the product is recommended to everyone because there is not a single person in this world who doesn’t want to cut down his expenses.

Especially, when it comes in such a handy and cost effective way, people must use it. There is a 60 days money back guarantee. So, the downsides are pretty limited.

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