Are you purchasing a car without any history records? Are you trying to reunite with your old car from the good old days? You don't know where to find help?

The answers to those and many other questions lies all in one place. Welcome to! Here in VinAudit, we are standing at your service, providing any information necessary to your needs.

Finding a purchase history, previous owners, theft information, accident reports, lien records, odometer readings and many more.

There are many famous and infamous competitors on the market, but we can proudly say that we are the best. is the most reliable, the fastest, the most affordable vehicle information source, and our employees are kind and patient, doing their best to help you out.

David Wu, the man of the future

David Wu, the founder and CEO of, was the former Google employee. In 2011 he creates VinAudit in order to help people and vehicle dealers to obtain information faster and cheapest.

Idea occurred to him when he had to pay 35$ for a single information about a car he was trying to sell in his parents name.

Mister Wu thought it was disgraceful and expensive for a piece of information to cost that much. Also he had to wait for weeks before he could obtain it.

His main effort is to make data available to public, with no lies and to be free if possible.

What is included in the program? includes a fee which is 1$/report or 20$/month. For instance, if you need 15 reports, you will have to pay 15$, otherwise, for 20$ per month, you will have unlimited access to the reports. gives you access to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTI), one of the most comprehensive, independent databases of vehicle data available.

It also includes signing up on the, hence giving you an option to store, save and download every report you need, in PDF file.

Finally, you will be provided with an archive of reports, you previously ran under your VinAudit account. Each report will be stored by VinAudit system for a period of 1 year.

On you can find recommended software vendors to the members of dealer program, such as “Dealer Websites”, ” AutoSoftNET “, ” VIN Viper “, etc. also provides list of government resources. For instance, ” “, ” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “, etc.

How does it work?

Main goal is to let you access National Motor Vehicle Title Information System and many other databases. First step to your goal is to sign up on

You will have to provide necessary information about yourself. After the registration, you will have to choose your payment method, and finally, registration is complete.

After signing up, log in to your account and you will be greeted with VinAudit search box, where you can enter your VIN/s and in a matter of seconds get any report you need.

Additionally, if you need a helping hand, support is available 9am-5pm, or through email address. Also, you can download an app on your smartphone called “VinAudit VIN Scanner” for both IOS and Android.

In addition, provides a blog where you can find fantastic entries, such as ” Scams to avoid when buying a used car “, ” How to save on auto loans “, ” How to avoid odometer fraud “, etc.

Why choosing

  • is the most affordable vehicle report database on market. Fees are 1$ per report, or 20$ per month.
  • It allows you to get straight to the source of information ratter than acting as a middle man.
  • has bundle deals for car dealerships to make it affordable to offer customers free VinAudit reports.
  • Services both Canada and United States.
  • is giving you many options for storing and sharing reports.
  • It allows you 24/7 online and mobile access

Who is the ideal candidate for

We can assure you that every single candidate is an ideal candidate. People who search information and reports for private purposes, car dealers and companies are all welcome at

Everything you need to know about vehicle, and literally everything, can find it for you.

It doesn't matter if you have zero, some or much experience with vehicles, is easy to operate and it can and will give you necessary reports.

Do not hesitate to contact VinAudit support team for any questions and doubts. They stand in your service.

Does work?

From 2011 till today we had zero to none difficulties and problems with clients or information. had millions of clients and almost 95% of them are satisfied.

The fees, the speed, the reliability are all too good to be true. But we let our work and success speak for it self. And it is too good and it is true.

We must warn you to try and avoid scams, because they are many. If you have any dilemma about us, please be free to contact us through our website and we will do our best to assure you the opposite.

For seven years, is the main source of every single vehicle information our clients need. If it is at first an alternative, it will real quickly become your main source.


Our biggest success is the trust we gained from our clients. We do our best to satisfy our clients needs and to provide all information and every report you could possibly gain.

Our satisfied clients are our best recommendation. If everything you read here is not enough, please, be free to find many reviews and ratings online, which will most certainly change your mind.

We are also recommended by our many friends and dealership companies we work with across United States and Canada.

If you need any report and don't know where to find it, why wait? Go to, choose an option that suites you most, and fast enough, you will get everything.

And perhaps, we will gain another satisfied client., a service to society, a service to you.

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